Sad Novi Bazaar Shopping Center on its four levels has commercial property of different sizes, as well as areas for counters, which it leases.

For information on currently available spaces for lease, you can contact the management of the shopping center at the contact listed below.


Advertising space offered by the shopping center includes:

– Light-boxes in front of the shopping center

– Outdoor advertising space


In front of the shopping center, on the Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard, there are 8 light boxes,

on whose surfaces are illuminated advertisements of numerous tenants, as well as external partners.


1.The walls of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. Branding part of the wall surface – 267.5 x 210 cm.


a) branding the sides of the escalator – 1st and 2nd floor

b) branding glass surfaces on the escalator

c) the bottom side of the escalator

3.On the marble pillars and second floor;


Branding the elevator that goes to the children’s playroom and the WorldClass Fitness center.

Branding the glass of the panoramic elevator

5.Branding toilets – mirrors and doors


Sad Novi Bazaar Shopping Center also offers promotional space on the ground floor of the shopping center, as well as the plateaus on the first and second floor, which, depending on the needs of the client, can be used for various promotional activities for longer or shorter periods of time. For further information and conditions please contact us.